A Year in Numbers:
Improving Your Homes

By building new houses and generating our own income, we can spend more on improving existing homes, helping us to create more places to thrive.

From July 2018 and over the next five years, we’ll invest more than £54m in home improvements so we can raise the quality of our homes.

Replacement bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems, windows, doors and shared indoor and outdoor areas will be included.

As part of the works programme, contractors Wates and ENGIE agreed to create apprenticeships, job opportunities, work placements (for work experience) and training places. They’ll also support us across many of our community projects.

Money invested in home improvements

£20.8 million

Investments made on:

977 kitchens

664 bathrooms

838 boiler & heating systems

1,523 door & window replacements

Reduced expenditure during the year


Money spent on minor & major adaptions: