A Year in Numbers:

In late 2017 we brought our repairs service in-house and created Fix360, so that we could create and better manage repairs for all our homes.

Since the launch, Fix360 has expanded its capacity and capability to provide responsive repairs and empty-home servicing. More than 20,000 repairs were carried out by April 2018.

There are now 110 full-time staff working for Fix360, carrying out more than 1,000 repairs a week.

While there have been challenges, the Fix360 team continues to work closely with Your Housing Group to focus on reducing the impact of repairs on you. We are already seeing improvements and are confident our Fix360 service will continue to improve.


Amount saved by standardising our repairs service - £2.5 million

Repairs reported - 64,058

Repairs completed - 90.93%
Repairs Satisfaction - 64%*

*(March 2018 ONLY!!!!)