You said we did

Over the course of this year we have made significant improvements to our services based on what you’ve told us. You said you’ve found it difficult to contact our Customer Services team.

So, we’ve recruited more Customer Services staff to answer your calls more quickly. We’ve also recently upgraded our telephone system to include a queuing system. This means that if you do have to wait to speak to an advisor, you’ll be told your position in the queue and given an estimated waiting time.

You want repairs carried out quickly and effectively

We are currently reviewing our repairs service. Listening to feedback from customers is an important part of this and our Customer Scrutiny Panel is playing an active role in helping us to understand the repairs journey from your perspective

You want to feel like we are listening

Throughout the year we have held drop-in events at many of our different sites. These have been a great opportunity for customers and LYHA team members to meet face to face and discuss how we can better meet your needs.

We have also recently updated our website and installed new

signage in many of our schemes giving up to date contact details for our team, so you know who to contact if you need advice or support.

Working with our customers, in 2019 we want to create more opportunities to make a positive impact in the communities where you live.